Fashion Blogger and Former Assistant Manager at Ann Inc.

New York City, New York

Major: Psychology

Attending the University of Arizona helped Jen gain confidence to succeed in the fashion industry as an Assistant Manager of Field Communications at Ann Inc. and founder of her own blog, “Skirt the Rules.” Today, she is now a Corporate Communications Manager at JetBlue, while continuing her work as a fashion blogger.

How did you secure your dream job?

I think I’ve always been interested in fashion, but it really started to peak while I was in law school. … During my time at the UA, I earned a bachelor’s in psychology and a JD (Juris Doctor). After I graduated from the UA, I made it a goal to move to New York and become part of the fashion industry. … I worked up from communications to marketing firms to landing my dream job here at Ann Inc.

Skirt the Rules is my personal life and style-focused blog. I like to call it my “five-to-nine” after my “nine-to-five.” My blog started off as a hobby, and over time it evolved into a business. Managing my blog is almost a full-time job.

In what ways did the ua prepare you to be real-world ready?

The skills I learned at the UA have really applied in both my everyday job and working on my blog. Some of the skills the UA taught me included leadership during my time being part of student government, connecting with people, and building a network of Wildcats. And also creative writing – it’s a huge part of what I do in my day job and in my side-gig as a fashion blogger.

The UA helped me become real-world ready by teaching me to be fearless – to chase my dreams and put myself out there. I think if it wasn’t for the friends and mentors I met on campus, I wouldn’t have had the courage to move across the country and pursue my dream of being in fashion.

What's the best part about being a UA wildcat?

The best part of being a UA Wildcat is the community and the fact that wherever you go, you can bump into someone wearing a UA t-shirt on the street. Here in New York, there’s a huge network of MetroCats who are UA alumni. (You can) go wherever and see the same school spirit that you see on campus.